Our challenges are urgent. Let's face them together.

This is the moment.

Learn how Stanford’s community of thinkers, makers, doers, and boundary pushers is shaping our future. Join us to do even more.

New ways of thinking:Preparing Citizens

We are preparing students to live, work, and serve as thoughtful citizens through groundbreaking new curricula, enhanced resources, and financial aid.

Capturing success

We set out to document a day in the life of the Stanford Women’s Basketball team. (We ended up capturing life with Coach Tara VanDerveer, too.)

  • The second envelope

    For political science professor Michael McFaul, getting admitted to Stanford was only the first step.

  • Ethics on the brain

    Three Embedded Ethics Fellows describe what’s top of mind as they work with today’s computer science students—tomorrow’s technologists, innovators, and leaders—and what gives them hope for the future.

  • Cardinal rules

    Andrew Luck, ’12, MA ’23, reflects on what student-athletes get, and what they give.

Move ideas to action:Accelerating Solutions

Learning. Health. Social Impact. Sustainability. Were prioritizing on-campus accelerators that prioritize off-campus partnerships—and impacting the widest populations with the greatest need.

  • Reading the room

    A new online tool is radically transforming how to identify struggling young readers.

  • Outrunning the next pandemic

    Give the world one vaccine and we’re immune to one disease. Accelerate the creation of new medicines and you give the world a different future.

Seek knowledge:Catalyzing Discovery

At Stanford, our faculty and students are driven by curiosity. Because our humanity depends on it.

Our planet, our home:Sustaining Life

Finding a way for humans and nature to thrive together must be our top priority. Across Stanford, efforts are underway to safeguard our environmental future.

It takes a village (to research a village)

Residents of the wildfire-choked San Joaquin Valley desperately want something done about their air quality—but they want researchers to approach the work in a new way.

Makers. Doers.
Boundary Pushers.

The Stanford community overflows with curious people unafraid to try, change, and try again. Meet some of them.

Langston Buddenhagen, ’25, MA ’25

Undergraduate student

Susan Athey

Economics of Technology Professor

Thomas Jaramillo

Professor of chemical engineering and energy science & engineering

True change will require all of us.

One changemaker is admirable. A community of changemakers is unstoppable. There is nothing we can do that we cannot do better …

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